Aurora Review – Game-Changing Software Automate $1,000 Commissions

What Is Aurora?

AURORA is a complete newly launched software in the market that is designed to automate high ticket commissions through webinars using free traffics.

How Aurora Relates

The emergence of digital technology has helped to promote interactive methods directly over the Internet every time, anywhere.

Webinar is one of these methods. When done correctly, it is a powerful marketing tactic that can position you as an expert in your field, allowing you to connect with your audience and thereby increasing your sales and profits.

Online ‘Gurus’ often use webinars to provide useful information related to their business or organization and connect with the audience in a more directly and friendly way.

Do you know? There is a tool that can help you to create webinars without so much effort at all? That’s what aurora does.

It automates your webinars creation and also get you free traffics so you could begin banking sales without any delay.

Aurora Review – Creator of Aurora

Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace are an experienced marketers in the online marketing niche. They have released many great products together, and aurora is their latest achievement.

I found their products received a lot of compliments from customers who use them always, I am a living example too.

You can find out JVZoo’s customer reviews about their products.

Some of their famous products for the whole time were 10X Commissions, Lindgren’s Lazy Method, The Awakening, The Banger Method, The Fuego Multiplier and Stealthd method.

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Features and Benefits of Aurora

Occupy customers’ trust

This is made possible by introducing yourself and your company, not only as a service provider but also as a partner, thereby participating in dialogues, answer customers questions and share knowledge – basically, you embrace and nurture relationships.

Increase potential customers

Increase in web conferences you hold equals increase in how you understand your customers. This makes it easier to build an effective content strategy. Aurora will help you to create unlimited webinars.

Unique visual content

People have long been engaging with video contents. According to HubSpot’s research, more than 53% of users prefer to get information through videos and webinars.

With little editing, your webinar records will definitely turn into a great video and attract more audiences.

Rich Webinar theme

Aurora comes with some ready-made themes for you to choose from and help you get some great webinars ideas.

Choose rich content with only 1 click

You can use aurora to pick out your most popular posts from your blogs. Note: the number of time users spends on your site is just as important as the number of visits.

Posts or articles with the most views often target common topics, while the amount of time users spend reading shows the attractiveness of the document.

From those topics, you can find out what content is being read by readers to get a topic for Webinar.

Keywords in Google Ads

This tool can also be used to collect the most popular keywords. Popular keywords will tell you what topics are being considered by many people, thereby choosing the topic that fits your Content Marketing strategy for the upcoming Webinar.

Play videos online

Aurora make it simpler for the webinar owner to display videos stored on the computer or in searchable forms, such as uploading videos to YouTube.

Editing feature

Implementer can use the mouse to create comments, highlight important items on the slideshow screen.

Chat feature

The webinar owner can open a chat box to exchange messages with the audiences. This feature is especially useful for audiences who wants to ask questions.

Conduct surveys and surveys

You can also create surveys inside aurora for the audience participating in the webinar.

Aurora Demo – How It Really Works

aurora review

engagermate reviewAurora Pros And Cons


  • Simple and powerful operation
  • Does not require too many skills
  • Totally friendly with new people
  • Generate free traffic
  • There is a guarantee policy within 30 days


  • You have to buy Upsell 1 to add unlimited accounts to your Aurora software

Aurora Pricing – How Much Does It Cost?

Aurora costs less than $17 actually during the first few days of launch, after which the price will go up to $28, so you should act fast before the price goes up.

It however has some Upsells as seen below:

Upgrade 1 ($ 67) – This is the Pro version of this software. It includes limited accounts. You can get everything from the main version and publish them unlimited.
Upgrade 2 ($ 197) – There will be hundreds of webinars available for you to add to the Aurora system. This will help you create multiple streams of income at the same time.
Upgrade 3 ($ 197) – You can put Pixel on the webinar page to do retargeting campaign.
Upgrade 4 ($ 97) – You can resell Aurora with the resale license to get the most profit.


Aurora Bonuses – Bonuses From Vendor

Aurora Review – Final Thought

I have shared all the information I know and have tested about this system. I hope this review will help you to make good decision today so as to get the highest discount.

As a marketer, I recommend choosing this product to build webinars without effort and bank in more commissions.

Thanks for reading my Aurora review. Hope to see you soon.

engagermate review

engagermate review

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  3. Your bonuses will be delivered straight to your inbox within 24 hours.

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