Favorite Marketing Tools To Help You Succeed

Favorite Marketing Tools To Help You Succeed

Welcome to my Favorite Marketing Tools section. I invest in countless tools that will help my business and make me more money online.

Below are curated list of tools that I'm personally using right now that have turned Trendcoves into a six figure a year business.

Keep in mind that most of the links below are affiliate links, which means if you click on any of them, I will be compensated at no extra charge to you, which in turn mean you have contributed to our success too, thanks for helping us out and I look forward to celebrating your success online


Currently my favorite tool right now to use and promote is ClickFunnels.  

Not only am I using it to sell some software and digital  products I'm creating but I'm also seeing some very nice success promoting it as an affiliate.

That's because it has one of the best affiliate programs I've seen.  I'm halfway to earning my dream car already, and I think I can get it in 2019.

Want to start promoting Clickfunnels as an affiliate and earn your dream car too? Get Started HERE


Try BlueHost Awesome Hosting and FREE Domain Below

I've been hosting my websites with Bluehost for the last few years now and I am really happy with them.

They are a managed WordPress host and I haven't had any problems with them whatsoever.

They even give you a free domain with your hosting package, cool isn't it?

Support is super fast, and they have lots of great features like automatic backups, staging areas, free SSL.

There are a lot of good choices out there, but I've found that Getresponse has the best combination of power and cost in an email marketing service.

They offer lots of options for segmentation and their marketing automation editor is one of the most flexible ones on the market.

And best of all, they give you complete 30 days to try out their services.

Try Getresponse for complete 30 days from the below link:

If you are looking to build awesome email list, try ThriveLeads below:


Thrive Leads is the best wordpress plugin for collecting email leads.

You can use it to create lightbox popups, ribbon, slide in, welcome mats and more. 

It also comes with good looking templates, and it has a great editor for customizing your forms how you want them. 

I really like the reporting as well, as it shows you what posts on my site are generating the most leads.

Thrive Leads is what I use for my e-mail list every time. Have you seen the popups in my pages? How about the drop-down form? or in the sidebar? This is the plugin I’m using. This collects e-mails for me then send them to my list management system, GetResponse, mentioned above.


What's a website without a good theme right? I get asked all the time about the themes I use. I get all my themes from Theme Shop. Absolutely stunning clean responsive themes. What's better than awesome themes? Click the link on the right to get an awesome theme for your website. 

Get Your Awesome Themes From The Link Below:

Build Awesome Landing Pages With Thrive Builder Below:


Do you prefer to build your landing pages on WorldPress instead, or maybe Clickfunnels is not within your budget? Thrive Content Builder is just insane! 

I can build stunning high converting landing pages that generate sales. Super easy to do with over 100 clean templates. I have one landing page that converts at over 71%! that's just insane.... The average is below 30%. I also now use ClickFunnels review. You can checkout my ClickFunnels review for more info.


Though I didn't start outsourcing with Fiverr when I started due to Financial constraints, but I am a fan of Fiverr now, at first I used to think it was full of providers selling 'cheap' services, but how wrong am I?

Things have changed, and Fiverr has become my go to marketplace for getting one-off design to SEO jobs to writing and even advertising  jobs done

 I've used providers to help create exercise videos, do voiceovers, design my Youtube intros and outros, format ebooks, rank my websites, do my graphics and much more.

Fiverr has really become an essential part of my business.

Are you ready To Outsource Your Business And Save Some Time For Yourself?  Click The Link Below To Have A Pro Handle Your Businesses For You:

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